Welcome To SFPI

ልዩ የገንዘብ እና የእገዛ ተቋም

Credit Life Insurance Services

This is financial product designed for non -collateral backed loans
According to this product SFPI will offset outstanding balance of the and
loan except arrears if death of barrower/ policyholder occur.

Saving Products

Ordinary Saving
Time Deposit
Compulsory Saving
Tesfa Child Saving
Box Saving
Housing Fund Saving
Institutional Saving

Loan Products

Individual Loan
Group Loan
Housing Loan
Clean Energy loan (CET Loan)
Small and Micro enterprise Loan (SMEloan)
Micro and Small Enterprises Loan (MSE loan)
Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Loan(WASHloan)
WomenEntrepreneurship Development Program (WEDP loan)

Core Values


  • To be trustworthy MFI
  • Professional approach to providing MF services
  • Giving high value to human beings in providing MF services
  • Zero tolerance for Fraud
  • Zero tolerance for arrears
  • Belief in the importance of client training so as to better exploit the entrepreneurial potential of ordinary citizens.

The condition of accessing loan from SFPI

  • 20-60 years
  • Residence In operation area of the institution
  • Engage in income generating activities
  • Engage in business activities should have trade license
  • Don’t with any unsettled loan
  • Able to bring guarantee or collateral (individually /Group borrowers)
  • Who have source of income to repay the loan
  • Willingness to save Upfront saving
  • Willingness to save Regular saving
  • Have good behavior in the area


Target clients

  • Active poor who engage in income generating activities
  • Micro and small enterprises operators
  • Small and medium enterprises operators
  • Cooperative who engage in business activities
  • Employees of well-organized institution

What We Strive For


To be the model MFI in Ethiopia that improves the livelihoods, productivity and high net worth of the poor especially of women and persons with disabilities.


Inspiring the under privileged, especially women and persons with disabilities to change their lives through providing fast, quality, affordable and need based financial services


The fundamental objective of SFPI is poverty alleviation by providing both financial and non-financial services to the target population.

Our Partners