Welcome To SFPI

ልዩ የገንዘብ እና የእገዛ ተቋም

Saving Products

• Ordinary Saving
• Time Deposit
• Compulsory Saving
• Tesfa Child Saving
• Box Saving
• Housing Fund Saving
• Institutional Saving

Loan Products

• Individual Loan
• Women Entrepreneurship Development Program (WEDP loan)
• Group Loan
• Clean Energy loan (CET Loan)
• Small and Medium enterprise Loan (SMEloan)
• Micro and Small Enterprises Loan (MSE loan)
• Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Loan(WASHloan)
• Housing Loan

Credit Life Insurance Services

This financial product designed for non-collateral backed loans. According to this product SFPI will offset outstanding balance of the loan except arrears if death of borrower/policyholder occur.

Core Values


  • To be trustworthy MFI
  • Professional approach to providing MF services
  • Giving high value to human beings in providing MF services
  • Zero tolerance for Fraud
  • Zero tolerance for arrears
  • Belief in the importance of client training so as to better exploit the entrepreneurial potential of ordinary citizens.

Conditions for Accessing the Loan

  • 18 and active years 
  • Residence In operation area of the institution
  • Engage in income generating activities
  • Engage in business activities should have trade license
  • Don’t with any unsettled loan
  • Able to bring guarantee or collateral (individually /Group borrowers)
  • Who have source of income to repay the loan
  • Willingness to save Upfront saving
  • Willingness to save Regular saving
  • Have good behavior in the area

Target clients

  • Active poor who engage in income generating activities
  • Micro and small enterprises operators
  • Small and medium enterprises operators
  • Cooperative who engage in business activities
  • Employees of well-organized institution

What We Strive For

- Availing financial service to under banked communities

- Enhancing economic and social wellbeing of the society

- Contributing towards economic development endeavors

Our Partners